When choosing a free web platform, people most often than not do favorite WordPress, since it offers a wide range of options of themes as well as plugins and features that made it pretty much possible to make any type of website with minimal coding knowledge needed.

But is the platform secure?

WordPress does update every now and then their platform for general improvements and security fixes but hackers can always find a way in, I personally have lost a bunch of sites due to one malicious plugin which caused me to redo every site I had on that server from scratch.

The thing is you don’t have to manually check every theme or plugin to install, you don’t have to watch over the users what comments do they inject, what possible codes they may insert that would interact with the platform etc…

You can now lay back, and let Sucury Security do the “antivirus” sort of thing on your server, it scans your site entirely and monitors login attempts and there are so many other features that come with this free plugin that I think you should find interesting to find out more about on their¬†Plugin download page¬†and you can assure now an extra level of security on your WordPress site.

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